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Photo A Day

This blog is now becoming a photo a day blog. I will post a photo for each day.
Since I only have a point-and-shoot I decided to change the format of the pictures to squares. To make it a little more interesting.

Abstract ?

nom nom nom

Happy Birthday to me!



At Kevin's lake house.

Pretty Typefaces

This is Belizio, the new headline typeface for the buzz. Belizio is from the Font Bureau, which is full of gorgeous (but expensive) typefaces. The more and more I work with it, the more I like it! Especially the italics.

Ugly Typefaces

I really don't like Bauhaus that much.

Apple iChat Video Conference

Good Design

I just noticed that CNN redesigned their website. I really like it. It's simple, has a good color scheme. It still bares the CNN identity, just with a modern twist. The slight rounded edge, the simple buttons, nice colors (red, white, black), good navigation.
Though, it's rather sad that Lindsay Lohan is in their 'hot topics" stories.

New Camera!!

I have just received my new Canon Powershot A710IS in the mail today - from that stupid company Abes of Maine, that swindled and tricked me into buying rechargeable batteries. I don't trust this place after what they did, even tricking me on the shipping. I bought 7$ 4-6 day shipping, and yet, the camera arrived 2 days after I ordered it. I have a feeling that even if I got the free group shipping, it would have come in on the same time. Sigh. What can I do. I should be happy I finally have a camera and I hope to God this one isn't used or something else is wrong with it (I bought it at the cheapest price possible, $261).
Once I return these current batteries and buy some nice new fancy batteries, expect more pictures.

Does the camera box usually come shrink-wrapped? Mine didn't...

This is me in Simpson form

Where do you get your news from?

Check out some of the pictures I took with fancy cameras that weren't mine.