There's a sunset outside my window everyday

I really love my digital camera.

heat vent by ISR

I would always see this last year when walking to ISR. It's really picture worthy. This nice stencil right on the middle of the vent.

That's Right

I need to make this into a shirt. It's glorious. Just look at the expression on it's face.


You can't tell, but it's wearing a hat.

Balance 5.0

I just love this so so much. I love kitties. And I guess this is where I have some fun with the assignment. Of course I thought "balance" when I saw this. It may not be visual balance, but it's darn cute. They're balancing! Except for the top cat, which leans towards the Iams box, so that perfect balance is disturbed. And of course, your eye would go towards that box, which is exactly what this ad wants you to do.

Balance 4.0

This is just like the other ad, but it's balanced out even better. It's just a really good ad. It works, it communicates balance. It's visually pleasing because firstly, your eyes follow the bee trail from the left and secondly, you read that trail and the ad sucks you in. And you are treated with a large beautiful blob of visual information in the middle - the box for the lip balm and some pretty flowers - and you travel back on the bee's trail and read more advertisting. It's balanced visually and also balanced conceptually, but smartly.

Balance 3.0

I really like this ad. It's balanced - in all sense of the word in regards to design. It caught my eye because I liked what was done with it - it's a clear and simple balance. The top has weight and is darker, yet the colored water bottle on the bottom balances out the whole page visually.

Balance 2.0

This is a poster of lots of little images. I thought it 'spoke' balance because everything's small and looking far away, you can't tell individual images. It reminds me of a contact sheet, though not as clean and exact.

Balance 1.0

Pickles. They just look unsymmetrically balanced. It's the type of balance that's balanced because it's all over the place and irregular.
I looked up 'balance' on and this is what came up: "A harmonious or satisfying arrangement or proportion of parts or elements, as in a design."
In regards to the pickles, their arrangement is 'satisfyingly' random. The picture itself is also clear and sharp that the pickles look like perfect ovals, arranged irregularly.