The poor kitty:

2$ ice cream in Slinger, Wisc

The church across the street from where we ate [delicious pizza and ice cream]


There's clouds everywhere. [the sticker says "traitor"]

Well, this blog has finally been redesigned. Though, I don't really like it anymore because I kept changing it around and taking a long time to finish. It won't look right in Internet Explore because IE is stupid and crappy and doesn't support fixed CSS positions. Therefore, if you are one of the few people still using IE, you should probably switch to Firefox. Not only because it's a better browser, but also because you won't get to see my blog as it should.

It's really weird redesiging blogger because you can't really change much stuff in the html, and there's so much code that I just go with what I have. And I don't even know that much, sadly. But you can see that it scrolls weird and that it's not perfect. I don't know, I'll keep it up for some time.

But now, for some pictures!
I recently acquired a Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera at the Maine Township Garage Sale for $3. I love this thing [it has focusing!]:

Here are some pictures:
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The last one is my favorite picture. The last 3 pictures were taken with Time-Zero film, which is made for the SX70, however it's discontinued. But because I have a great boss who knows the ins and outs of the photo buisness, I got a box of it!
The picture of kitty was taken with regular film, so you can see that it's not as great as the other 3.

But in any case,
I'm back in buisness baby! And expect more posts.
Blog redesign: coming sometime this weekend. I promise.