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Wisconsin Dells, Spring Break 2006. I think we stumbled into some sort of timewarp.
I found these pictures on the computer at home [I think my sister took them during winter break]. They crack me up:
Oh My God. Look what I have created!
I can't believe I actually pulled it off. This isn't what I had originally planned to do, but it came out so nice. I love it. I'm so proud of myself. All this with the wonders of CSS. This was an accumulation of like 2 days of on-and-off work. I was reading alot about style sheets and then just trying out all this sheet.

Here's to you, Cascading Style Sheets!

Check out the CSS Zen Garden so see what CSS can do. It's a website that different designers took the HTML file of and using their own CSS, created their own look. It's amazing what some people have done. Here's my favorite: Lonely Flower. So amazing.

Please tell me what you think.
YAY! I finished my assignment for LIS390. Here it is:

It's making a webpage using style sheets. For those who don't know what style sheets are, they are the most amazing web layout tools ever. All the layout changes are made in the style sheet, which is attached with the html document. So the html document itself it just plain and without the style sheet would look like utter shit.

Revamping this blog is next on my agenda.
It's sad day, not only because I have so much studying to do and I hate Grandma Clown Shoes McGee's class and her stupid midterm. But because facebook administrators took down my Chuck Norris account. He had over 700 friends! And it was his birthday this week!
RIP Imaginary Facebook Chuck Norris.

At least now my inbox won't be flooded with friend requests.

I should probably be doing my fucking essay, but it's just more fun to blog. And I don't want to start this ridiculous essay for Grandma ClownShoes McGee.

Today for my Image Making class, my group went out and took pictures of our stakes and tape. Here are the better ones of our 2 hour adventure in the cold:

And then we squared off a chunk of the sidewalk on the quad and it was awesome. People walked around it and looked at it with confusion.
Except this guy, he was one of the first people to actually cross it.

Dance party over the weekend:
Way too brutal. Packed with people, I got elbowed several times and went home with several large bruises. At least it wasn't as sweaty as last time.

Everyone's doing these, so I want to as well: So fill it out!! I'll do one for you if you make one. http://kevan.org/johari?name=Maria+Surawesome

Image Making was ridiculous today, it was so fun. We didn't do anything. Henry put us in groups earlier and we are to go out and photograph outside. He bought props for each group and which we randomly got assigned to - there was over a dozen red small buckets, 50 foot length wooden stakes and bright marking tape [the kind of stuff you see on construction sites], a 100ft of foam and then long pink fabric. Me and my group really wanted the buckets, man, those would be awesome to work with. But instead, we got the damn stakes. What can you do with the stakes except stick them in the ground! At least we got the bright colored marking ribbon thing.
And then after class I was looking at the foundations show and Henry was getting some coffee and he stopped by to talk to me and we chatted about the show and then he told me that he enjoys having me in class and that I have a good eye and I do good things and that I'll do great things in life. AWWWW. Yayaya.
I feel like I should be doing my Starcourse duties. And so here goes! 4 shows coming up this semester! And only one of them decent enough to go to! Visit starcourse.com for more details [if any].

March 30- Relient K.
April 10- Nickel Creek
April 18- Switchfoot
April 24- Built to Spill
My LIS web class is really awesome. Yesterday the teacher [who's a grad student] said "Last night some asshole professor left the caps on all the markets and I come in this morning and they're all fucking dry!!" It was great.
We're also learning CSS style sheets, so I'm hoping I can fix up my blog to look amazing [like the personal web pages we made in class!].
Darkman, looking quite sophisticated:

You know what's awesome about Poland?

Guess which one I am? And yes, my father did own leopard print speedos.