I made the first one for Bradley Go, so this is a special commissioned piece that'll fit screens with Brad's crazy dimensions. Here's a mini version of it.


I'm really cheap and just used assloads of brushes.

Here are some wallpapers I made, also using brushes, yet again, cheating the system. Click for a bigger version.

My Project Runway blurb because I can't get enough of this show:

Last episode they sacrificed Daniel F for ratings. They had to keep precious little Santino because he's good for ratings. Someone who's arrogant, totally full of themselves and loves to make rude comments is sure to get the audiences to stick around, because of course, the produces can create drama. But when you make something as hideous as this, you need to be kicked out:

She looks like a freakin' ginger bread house. Dissapointed. Sure, Santino's other work was much better, but this was ....just bad. Plus he's a total ass.

Eh, but then, I've lost all faith in reality tv shows. Especially this one, which is such a great concept. But at the end of every episode, for about 5 seconds at the end of the credits it says "The judges considered both their scores and input from the producers and Bravo in reaching their elimination decisions." Which means, in the end it's not really about who is the best at designing fashion, but about what makes for better televeision. And I really don't trust Heidi Klum as being a "judge" of designing. Half the time the judges don't know what they're talking about. It's a shame that someone as talented as Daniel has to be eliminated because he has real intergrity and devotion to his work. See below:

Having fun isn't hard!
When you've got a library card!
Happy Holidays!
I'm gonna be a design drone when I gradute and get a job. Producing for consuming.

Also, in some un-related news,
METRIC is playing at the Metro 4/13. If you love me, or love Metric, we should go.
And why ON EARTH are they playing at the Madison Square Garden with The Rolling Stones?!


I love you O-Town!! You're the star in my liquid dreams!

Every six seconds
My body starts beggin
Your sweet thing is messin me
Until you give me some
Ten times a minute
Six hundred times an hour
Another cold shower
Girl you got the power
Until you give me some


I forgot to post my Moe poster. It's pretty shitty. I blatanly stole the idea from the book I was doing for class [i.e. all those circles]. I think the reason it's so bad is because it was after my finals where I just stopped caring about anything. Also, I kept putting it off because I was out doing things. And I don't even know who Moe is. So I didn't put any heart into it.
Oh, Starcourse, what are you doing with all these weird bands. I wish we get a better band after this one.

And I totally forgot to add "Star Course presents" and the website address. Fuck!
Click on picture for bigger version.


I made a list of books I wanted to read, and conveniently left it at dorm. I'm bummed because it was a good list of stuff I found at the book store. :[ And so,

What books should I read over break?

[p.s. I'm not cultured in the world of books, so the only thing I've ever read is high school books, Harry Potter and David Sedaris.]

asian love


Rate if someone is Korean, Japanese or Chinese
I got a 12 out of 18. With a rating of "Pretty Good You may have a talent."
Hell yeah! Thank you, Maine East High School for teaching me the ways of the asian.

Live It Out

You know what's awesome?

- I returned my books and used the money from it to buy Christmas presents, a haircut, beer and Jimmy Johns.

- I got a haircut and I'm enjoying having short hair. I get to have a samurai ponytail. It's great!

- After my finals, in a celebratory fashion, I created a facebook account for Chuck Norris. Now I have 63 friends and counting.

- Dead snowmen on the quad. See picture below.

- Istvan Orosz and his crazy films.

- Typography!! And actual lead print! Oh My God, artgasm!1!!one!

- Emo pictures. I was trying to take pictures of my haircut because I wanted to save an image of how good it looked when the hairdresser did it, but instead I got shitty pictures, most of them being emo. Here's my favorite. It totally belongs on mySpace.

the end?

Well, yesterday I gave my book to the bindery. It's all done. And so is the class of visual organization, fall 2005. [ p.s. the chosen title of the book is VIS.ORG.05 - it's real pretentious-like and artsy]
And so, now what should I do with this blog? I'm one of the few people who actually kept up with this thing, so I better be getting an A on it, and then it should magically raise my B+ up to an A- because that would be amazing. But I guess I should be satisfied with my B+? A lot of kids are not doing well in the class because Daniel is a harsh grader. But still, an A- would be real nice and could raise up my GPA.
But yeah. What should I do with my blog now?

And here's a random crazy ass picture I was making with the assloads of brushes I stole from Daniel. [I got like 500 mgs of brushes from him]. A lot of the brushes were hilarious and so I just randomly compiled them into this. So I was just screwing around


Why the hell did I pick to write about visual paradoxes and illusions for my James Scholar project? I don't like visual paradoxes because they make my eyes and brain hurt. And I've been looking at books to get examples for me to write about and I just can't handle it anymore, aaaaahhh. I'm a logical thinker and these things don't make logical sense and I can't look at them anymore.
My professor really loves Istvan Orosz for visual paradoxes, so I'm using a bunch of his examples. This is how his work looks like:

AAHHH Look at that! It makes no sense!!
At least I have a strong opinion about them, so writing won't be difficult.

eye are beautiful part 2

Since I've been listening to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, this seems fitting:

"I've got hungry eyes
One look at you and I can't disguise
I've got hungry eyes
I feel the magic between you
And I've got hungry eyes
Now I've got you in my sights
With those hungry eyes
Did I take you by surprise"

I'm thinking of using my eye as the frontispiece [appears opposite and in support of title page]. I'm just not sure what type of treatment I want to give it. I came up with some examples so far, though. [I used filters.. :shame: That's right I used filters...]: