Do you guys ever get spam emails that have a subject like "DONT PAY THOUSAND FOR SAME SOFTWARE, WE SELL AT ONLY $15-60 FOR ALL SOFTWARES"

And then the body of the email is this:

"embarrass next you,
goes beautiful bad filled supposedto?
servants turning across speaking end. already gym disappoint few.
studied fire profession side least. sandwich principle latter? development thats bought.
or fly whom? speaking disappoint anybody why anything fire? speaking find wife."

This is one of the pictures for my latest project for Image Making, which was an accordian of 15 pictures that had a transition. Picture taken in Greg Hall.

On one of the doors:



Happy Valentine's Day!!
Type is everywhere!! Everywhere you look. These are exercises for my Imaking Making class:

This is me trying to be clever:
You can play Doom on your iPod...?

So. I had a pretty decent week. The highlight of the week were that Henry gave out little homework. AND also, for our first two photo projects for Image Making - Henry made us vote for our top 5 favorites, in no order. Both of mine got the highest votes. :) [The self portrait and then the man-made vs nature diptych] That made me feel so proud. Not to inflate my ego, but mine were the best! I don't know. It just feels good to know that I actually have good ideas, concepts and executions and that people like what I do. Maybe this just shows the lack of talent in the graphic design departament? Who knows.

In other exciting news, Metric's Hardwire and The People are tied on my playlist for the highest play count - 196 times. Omgs1!1!
They sacrificed Nick for ratings!! That damn Santino should have been kicked out and we all know it. Santino made some crazy things before that should have given him the boot. It doesn't really make sense when the stupid judges say that Nick's suit was poorly sewn when one of Santino's sleeves was falling off. Producers + Ratings = RIGGED. Also, what was up with Miss Heidi Klum and her dubbed comments at the end when she was 'talking' to the designers?

Last week at the art building, I lost my room key. And now, on Sunday, I lost my small headphones [the ones that stick in your ears]. It's killing me because I now have to use the ultra-shitty ones that iPod provides. And I bought those heaphones in the beginning of the year! So they were still new and... it's not fair, I say. What a waste.

Here's some things that I want in a greedy-like fashion:
- a typewriter
- knee socks, in various colors and styles
- all of Chris Ware's books
- more RAM on my computer
- a kitty. or lots of kitties.
- Spring to come already.
- My LIS class not to assign ~40 pages of stuff to read about information technology.
OH! Also, today in my ARTS440 class, my teacher showed us a lot of links to really cool webpages. One of them is this artist named Young-Hae Chang. She makes these flash 'works of art' that are just text flashing in front of you.
I recommend viewing The Struggle Continues. It's long, but it's really fun and playful.
It's all about love and sex. Have your speakers turned on, because there's jazz music that goes with it. It starts out slow and as it keeps going, the text flashes fast and you get really into it. So stay till the end. "The struggle continues for stark-naked love."
Here is my self portrait diptych for class:

It's supposted to be of a self-portrait and my environment. I did the board above my bed and all the shit I have pasted on there.

In Typography, our next assignment is to design our own typeface [by hand, that is]. It's gonna be kinda hard, but also fun. I can't wait.
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Emma's camera takes really nice pictures:
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Our latest assignment for Image Making was to take photographs of an object [close up] from nature and another that's man made and put them in a diptych.
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And this is just one of the ~300 pictures I took last night while trying to figure out compositions:

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